The meaning of ‘gulf’

I’m the small voice that thunders in the night. I’m your watchdog who howls against the wolves. ā€” Shinbone Star Editor Dutton Peabody (from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance)

I thought I would briefly explain my blog’s title. I hinted at it in the first post. Most explicitly, it refers to the fact that from where I live, I could walk to the Gulf of Mexico. I actually live closer to Tampa Bay, but Peering into the Bay doesn’t sound as cool. I would suggest that my blog’s title could also refer to a discussion about the “gulf” that the journalism industry is in right now. You could also take the public records approach and apply it to my penchant for open government.

I’m sure there are more interpretations.

Note: I’m aware that the phrase “from where I live, I could walk to the Gulf of Mexico” could refer to, say, San Francisco. I hope no one is anal enough to interpret it that way.

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